ABC's sustainability culture

Alongside partnering with Clime, a team of employees at ABC, passionate about environmental causes, formed the green team to act as a task force driving change across the business. Each of the team members has a particular area of focus that they are responsible for including, business travel, office supplies and IT, training and local activities.

"At ABC, we transform the way Startups do their finances. We are creative and forward thinking not only with our product but also with the way we engage in communcities and environments we operate in. We want to leave a positive impact in the world and strongly belive that ever action against climate change - no matter how small - will make the difference at the end."

Sustainability Officer and Head of People at ABC
Max Mustermann

ABC's Clime Profile

tonnes CO2 compensated
Equivalent to
long haul flights
hours in video calls
kilometers in a car

The projects that are supported by ABC

The Brazil Nut Concessions project prevents deforestation and protects biodiversity on 500,000 acres in the Peruvian Amazon. The project is a collaboration between the project developer and a conglomeration of over 300 small concessioner landowners aimed at refocusing the local economy towards the passive harvest of Brazil Nuts.

ABC's contribution:
10 hectares forest saved
80 tonnes CO2 compensated
The Maasai Cookstoves project has distributed over 5,500 efficient cookstoves to-date, to replace open fires. The cookstoves reflect traditional woodfire methods, but require 66% less firewood and reduce smoke emissions considerably, improving overall community health.
ABC's contribution:
42 improved cook stoved installed
95 tonnes CO2 compensated
By harnessing the kinetic energy of powerful running water, the Musi River Hydro plant has a total-installed capacity of 210 MW and delivers over 765,000 MWh to Sumatra’s grid every year – that’s enough to meet the demands of over 700,000 Indonesians on average each year!
ABC's contribution:
20 MWh of clean energy supplied
45 tonnes CO2 compensated